The Analysis Podcast Episode 3 – January 2019: What’s new this year?

Year 2019 has taken off, first month of this year is almost over and we have already witnessed some high octane drama on number of issues. Bollywood movies, Uri and Accidental Prime Minister, made a lot of buzz. Mamata Banerjee’s United India Rally was in news for quite some time. Not to forget, Hardik Pandya’s […]

With rat hole mining still rampant in Megahalya, what’s ahead?

The Tragedy A month ago in quest of livelihood to extract the valuable natural resource, coal, 15 miners were unfortunately trapped in an illegal ‘Rat hole mine’ of 370-feet-deep shaft in East Jaintia Hills district in Meghalaya. The rescue team failed awfully and human life was ridiculed yet again since no major breakthrough was achieved […]

Special Read: Brazil’s Abortion Battle!

I was surfing the internet to find something new and interesting to research and write upon. As always, national media disappointed me with its rhetoric and useless reportage. My search ended up on a fascinating and disappointing debate as well as a protest that is going on in Brazil. For a long time, the legalization […]

HIV Patient’s Right to Treatment in India

HIV infection is a social problem, eradication of it by law only is impossible. One truth is that social commitment cannot be enforced through legal provisions. About three million people in India are suffering from HIV/AIDS, third highest in world. The socioeconomic condition of the country, traditional outlook and the myths associated coupled with Poor […]

Tackling the problem of migration in Uttarakhand through innovative practices!

The mighty Himalayas span across 2,500 kms in India & cover the states of J&K, Himachal, Uttarakhand & North East. With Himalayan states accounting for 18% of national land coverage, mountains are the source for many lives & livelihoods. Often referred to as the “Water Towers of Asia”, the Himalayan region is a unique geological […]

Is shale gas revolution actually a revolution in America?

The “shale revolution” has stimulated tremendous production of natural gas in the United States. The technological developments in US have allowed the energy companies to access oil and gas from shale rock by a process known as hydraulic fracturing (fracking)[1] which made the production of gas less expensive. The notion of U.S. oil independence has […]

Special: The Triple Talaq Case and Judicial Role of Constitutional Courts

I must come clean that despite identifying as a human rights liberal, my American Legal Education has wreaked havoc with the ‘Supreme Court Blind Worship’ forcibly imbibed in me during my Law School days in India. In fact, I have converted to a judicial skeptic who has on occasions expressed cynicism at the activism of the Indian […]

In the name of “Ease of Doing Business”, are we compromising with environment?

After a long-drawn series of refutations, the Prime Minister of India recently unequivocally accepted that “Climate change is a major challenge facing all the countries.” Indeed, the incidents of flooding spread all over the country from Assam to Mumbai have raised concerns about the environmental regulation and protection regime in India. The recent proposed amendments […]