Interview: Legal Education cannot be confined to just law schools!

In our special feature, we interviewed Manjeet Kumar Sahu. He recently cleared the Jharkhand Judicial Services Examination. Manjeet completed his Bachelors in Law (with specialization in Energy Laws) from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. He has also been a University Scholarship Holder. He went on to pursue the masters in the same discipline […]

Aarushi Murder Case: Why Police Investigation in India is inefficient?

One of the India’s biggest murder mystery Aarushi- Hemraj murder case, where 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar was murdered on 15 May 2008, sustaining injuries on her forehead and throat was slit with surgical precision.[1] Two days later, the prime suspect, Hemraj Banjade, their domestic help, was found dead on the terrace. The day on which Aarushi’s […]

Cracking the glass ceiling in corporate sector: Evaluating the role of women directors

Source: Business Today Role and importance of the Board of directors: The Board of Directors of a company is a body elected by the shareholders, responsible for running of the company, collectively responsible for making policies for good governance, supposed to act in the best interests of the Company and stakeholders. By mandating certain disclosures […]

Recently, Jain couple adopted monkhood; what are the succession and adoption issues?

Monkhood means following the principles of non-violence and tolerance strictly. In Jainism, Monkhood is followed by less than 1% of the Indian population, which means rising above corporeal existence. Although Jains worship deities, they don’t believe in God as a creator, protector and destroyer. A couple in Madhya Pradesh became Jain monks renouncing properties of […]

Recognition of Intellectual Property Rights in India: An overview

The constitution of the United States, in its V amendment states “No person can be deprived of his life liberty or property without the due process of law.” While in the United States property rights hold a position akin to being fundamental rights, the development of these rights in India is vastly different. The 44th […]

How is new RERA act regulating the real estate industry in India?

The real estate sector is considered to be the backbone of the Indian economy, as it largely contributes to its growth. But despite its major influence, it has always been disorganised, inefficient and lacked transparency, which has to a degree diminished stakeholder confidence in real estate. To address this, change in legislation as well as […]

Special: The Triple Talaq Case and Judicial Role of Constitutional Courts

I must come clean that despite identifying as a human rights liberal, my American Legal Education has wreaked havoc with the ‘Supreme Court Blind Worship’ forcibly imbibed in me during my Law School days in India. In fact, I have converted to a judicial skeptic who has on occasions expressed cynicism at the activism of the Indian […]

Is India legally bound to provide shelter to Rohingya refugees?

The Rohingya, Muslim minority living in Rakhine region of Myanmar that have “progressively eroded the political and civil rights of the Muslim communities”, stripping the identity of Rohingya in 1974 classifying them as “illegal immigrants”. Myanmar denied citizenship to them and occasionally subjected to communal violence such as rape, violence, and forced labour. The Rohingya […]

यह है भारत की जेलों के अंदर की हकीकत

हाल ही में सुप्रीम कोर्ट का जेल में बढ़ती मौतों के चलते एक एहम फैसला आया. फैसला जस्टिस एम. बी. लोकुर और जस्टिस दीपक गुप्ता की बेंच ने सुनाया और काफी लम्बी चौड़ी गाइडलाइन्स भी सरकार को दी. पुलिस हिरासत में मौत के मामले भारत में लगातार बढ़ते जा रहे हैं. 2016 में भी कोर्ट […]