New Drone Policy: Regulation of Drone Technology in India

Prominence of drones had gained momentum with its usage in capturing images from war zones, collecting intel for security agencies to videography at weddings and cricket matches. It is easily available at shops and over the internet. Even though its sale is legal, flying drone without permission is illegal in India. In order to fly […]

Aarushi Murder Case: Why Police Investigation in India is inefficient?

One of the India’s biggest murder mystery Aarushi- Hemraj murder case, where 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar was murdered on 15 May 2008, sustaining injuries on her forehead and throat was slit with surgical precision.[1] Two days later, the prime suspect, Hemraj Banjade, their domestic help, was found dead on the terrace. The day on which Aarushi’s […]

Understanding the problem of malnutrition in India

India is the world’s highest demographic of children suffering from malnutrition.  According to the report of UNICEF, around one million children under the age of five die due to malnutrition every year. Today, India sees a serious situation concerning the health of people; where every second woman in India is anemic, every third child is […]

Cracking the glass ceiling in corporate sector: Evaluating the role of women directors

Source: Business Today Role and importance of the Board of directors: The Board of Directors of a company is a body elected by the shareholders, responsible for running of the company, collectively responsible for making policies for good governance, supposed to act in the best interests of the Company and stakeholders. By mandating certain disclosures […]

How is new RERA act regulating the real estate industry in India?

The real estate sector is considered to be the backbone of the Indian economy, as it largely contributes to its growth. But despite its major influence, it has always been disorganised, inefficient and lacked transparency, which has to a degree diminished stakeholder confidence in real estate. To address this, change in legislation as well as […]

India’s transport sector needs a transformation

India’s transport network is one of the most extensive in the world. The share of the transport sector in overall infrastructure investments has increased from 2 percent of GDP during 1995-99 to an average of 2.6 percent of GDP between 2007 and 2011. At the same time, accessibility and connectivity are limited. Only 20 percent […]

10 important points from PM Modi’s speech on Bullet Train!

10 Points to remember from Prime Minister’s address in the ‘public meeting’ at the Ground-breaking ceremony of India’s first High Speed Rail project in Ahmedabad   Applauding the ‘Bullet train’ project the Prime Minister Said it will bring Fast Speed, Fast Progress, Fast Technology along with Fast Development and Fast Employment.   He said India’s […]

Not only in India, even in America social media is becoming the biggest source of news!

An interesting research study carried out by Pew Research Center, revealed that since last few years the share of social media  (as compared to traditional and mainstream media sources) has increased among the Americans. The study was focused towards quantifying the number of users obtaining their news from social media. Pew Research Center is a […]

In the name of “Ease of Doing Business”, are we compromising with environment?

After a long-drawn series of refutations, the Prime Minister of India recently unequivocally accepted that “Climate change is a major challenge facing all the countries.” Indeed, the incidents of flooding spread all over the country from Assam to Mumbai have raised concerns about the environmental regulation and protection regime in India. The recent proposed amendments […]

ग्राउंड रिपोर्ट: फर्रुखाबाद में 49 बच्चों की मौत, UP प्रशासन हुआ फिर फेल

लोहिया अस्पताल में 49 शिशुओं की मौत के लिये दोषी अधिकारी व डाक्टरों के विरूद्ध रिपोर्ट दर्ज कराई है। कोतवाली पुलिस ने नगर मजिस्ट्रेट जयनेद्र कुमार जैन की ओर से सीएमओ, लोहिया अस्पताल के सीएमएस, डाक्टर आदि कर्मचारियों के विरूद्ध आईपीसी की धारा 304 के तहत रिपोर्ट दर्ज की है। मुकदमे की विवेचना आवास विकास […]