Hari-Kamal Foundation for Policy Research (HKFPR) is a non-for-profit society registered in Bhopal. It is an independent and non-partisan research think-tank working in the areas of environment, energy, politics and governance.  Foundation undertakes and promotes evidence based high quality research in the areas of public policy and governance. It believes and encourages proper accountability and transparency in the society through its initiatives and programmes. HKFPR aims at becoming one of the premiere research organization in the field of public policy and governance.


Foundation also acts as policy consultants for government and corporate companies.

Board Members:

  1. Rishabh Shrivastava, President
  2. Jinendra Parakh, Secretary
  3. Robin Koshy, Vice President and State Convener
  4. Dr. Rakesh Shrivastava, Treasurer
  5. Pooja kannurkar, Member
  6. Dr. Rupal Shrivastava, Member
  7. Mayank Jain, Member
  8. Abhishek Anand, Member
  9. Sharad Zagade, Member

For more details regarding the foundation, please contact:

Robin Koshy, Vice President and State Convener

Email: robinkoshy00@gmail.com 

Phone: +91-7354150117


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