Law and Society: Is Indian Judiciary in Crisis?

Judges should be stern stuff and tough fire, unbending before power, economic or political, and they must uphold the core principle of the rule of law disseminating law to be above all. This position on judges was taken in the case of S.P Gupta v. Union of India[1], whereby independence of the judiciary was held […]

Special Read: Brazil’s Abortion Battle!

I was surfing the internet to find something new and interesting to research and write upon. As always, national media disappointed me with its rhetoric and useless reportage. My search ended up on a fascinating and disappointing debate as well as a protest that is going on in Brazil. For a long time, the legalization […]

Why 2017 sets up a challenging background for the New Year 2018?

2017 was indeed a year where we saw lots of events and controversies breaking down. The year ended on a sad note, with fire at Kamla Mills claiming lives of 14 people and 5 soldiers were dead due to ceasefire violation at LoC. Here’s a quick recap of 2017 and how it creates a number […]

Remembering Rukhmabai: A reflection of progressive thinking

Google India on Wednesday paid homage to Rukhmabai, the first Indian woman to practice medicine in colonial India, with a doodle. To honour Raut on her 153rd birthday, 22nd November, 2017, the internet search giant has dedicated its doodle depicting a lady with a stethoscope around her neck, surrounded by women patients and nurses in a hospital.  Born […]

HIV Patient’s Right to Treatment in India

HIV infection is a social problem, eradication of it by law only is impossible. One truth is that social commitment cannot be enforced through legal provisions. About three million people in India are suffering from HIV/AIDS, third highest in world. The socioeconomic condition of the country, traditional outlook and the myths associated coupled with Poor […]

Understanding the problem of malnutrition in India

India is the world’s highest demographic of children suffering from malnutrition.  According to the report of UNICEF, around one million children under the age of five die due to malnutrition every year. Today, India sees a serious situation concerning the health of people; where every second woman in India is anemic, every third child is […]

Tackling the problem of migration in Uttarakhand through innovative practices!

The mighty Himalayas span across 2,500 kms in India & cover the states of J&K, Himachal, Uttarakhand & North East. With Himalayan states accounting for 18% of national land coverage, mountains are the source for many lives & livelihoods. Often referred to as the “Water Towers of Asia”, the Himalayan region is a unique geological […]

Recently, Jain couple adopted monkhood; what are the succession and adoption issues?

Monkhood means following the principles of non-violence and tolerance strictly. In Jainism, Monkhood is followed by less than 1% of the Indian population, which means rising above corporeal existence. Although Jains worship deities, they don’t believe in God as a creator, protector and destroyer. A couple in Madhya Pradesh became Jain monks renouncing properties of […]

Special: Remove your hesitation, let’s talk about menstruation!

Once a month, a woman bleeds from her vagina. This leads to an activity that will allow her body to create a new life. Creation of another human is one of the most important and greatest creations in the world. One would think that’s something to appreciate, yet it isn’t. The whole idea is hushed, people […]