TA Interview: ABVP is always of, by and for the students!

Ahead of the General Elections 2019, Founder and Editor in Chief of TA, Rishabh Shrivastava, interviews the National General Secretary of one of India’s largest student political organization, Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP), Mr. Ashish Chauhan. He also serves as the Convenor of Think India, an ABVP affiliated think-tank working on the issues related to […]

30 days from now and why public may end up voting for Narendra Modi?

With Election Commission announcing poll dates, the nation is once again ready to experience and witness a high octane political drama. Both the camps, BJP and Congress, have been campaigning in their own styles and attacking each other personally and politically. Not only this, the back end brainers for these parties have been analyzing voter […]

Why 2019 is an important year for Indian Politics?

Modi wave is out in heat and rains for a test, Congress fights for its existence and regional parties continue to forge the great grand alliance. Who is going to be a winner of 2019 race?  In April-May 2019, an estimated 900 million Indians will be heading to the polls to elect their next Prime Minister. In […]

जनादेश 2018 – मध्यप्रदेश में खिला बिना भगवा वाला “कमल” 

भारत में चुनाव अपने आप में बेहद रोमांचक होते है | चुनावी गणित के साथ साथ नए नए शब्द सुनने और समझने को मिलते है | ढेर सारे अंक, फैक्ट्स और डाटा के बीच पार्टियों के पोलिटिकल mindset को समझने में अलग मज़ा आता है | यह भी शायद एक अलग तरह का नशा है […]

MP Elections 2018: Unfolding political drama in Madhya Pradesh

(CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan addressing a rally during a by-election in Kolaras) Madhya Pradesh, which has a 230-member assembly, is scheduled to go to the polls by the year-end. Elections in Madhya Pradesh has always been about Congress versus BJP but this time there are several other parties which are preparing to challenge these two […]

Trade war is here to hurt the developing economies!

  The Trump administration in its protectionist measure to provide the American companies level field with Chinese counterparts which he has long said have an unfair advantage, imposed a whopping $50 billion tariff on import of Chinese products to USA. The Chinese government in economic vengeance retaliated the very next day imposing tariff of equal […]

नेता सड़कों पर!

यूं तो भारत एक लोकतांत्रिक देश है मगर 70 बरसों की आज़ादी में बहुत कुछ यूं ही चलता आया है जैसे कि हर चुनाव में नेता का सड़कों पर आना। ये तो ख़ूबशूरती है लोकतंत्र में, वरना जो अगर खेल 5 बरस का ना होता तो लोग अपने नेता को ही भगवान मानकर पूजने लगते […]

Parliament Paralysis in India: Why aren’t we talking about it?

“Baith Jaiye, Baith Jaiye” This phrase was famous during the tenure of the UPA government and belonged to the then Speaker of Lok Sabha, Mrs. Meira Kumar. The ‘sweetness’ (if only it were strictness) with which she ran the proceedings and handled the lower house of the Parliament which contained 543 members elected by the […]

मॉडर्न डे चाणक्य “शाह” और ब्रांड “योगी” के बावजूद क्यूँ हारी बीजेपी?

एक हाथी जैसी गाड़ी , जिसमे साइकिल जैसे पहिये थे ने कमल का विजय रथ उसके होम टर्फ पे रोक दिया। जी है आज जो भी अकल्पनीय हुआ भारत की राजनीति में उसे इससे बेहतर शायद ही कोई समझा सके। मीडिया बैन हुआ , कुछ छोटी मोटी हिंसा हुई पर शाम होते होते भाजपा की […]

Saffron Setback: Making Sense of By-poll Results

The by-polls to the UP Lok Sabha (and Vidhan Sabha seat in Bihar) took place on 11th March of which the results came on 14th March. Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party supported by the BSP has won both the Lok Sabha seats of Phulpur and Gorakhpur which were previously held by Yogi Adityanath and Keshav Prasad […]