Understanding Data Localisation: A Legal Outlook

The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 is based on the Justice Sri Krishna Committee Report on Data Protection. This piece elaborates upon three key points before proposing an alternative approach to data localisation. Firstly, the meaning of data localisation and the provisions of the bill pertaining to data localisation. Secondly, if it is feasible to […]

With rat hole mining still rampant in Megahalya, what’s ahead?

The Tragedy A month ago in quest of livelihood to extract the valuable natural resource, coal, 15 miners were unfortunately trapped in an illegal ‘Rat hole mine’ of 370-feet-deep shaft in East Jaintia Hills district in Meghalaya. The rescue team failed awfully and human life was ridiculed yet again since no major breakthrough was achieved […]

Panchayati Raj System : Improving the third layer of governance in India

Gandhism and Local Governance Gandhism, local governance and panchayati raj system form a part of the same thread which endeavors to extend the government to your doorsteps. Gandhian philosophy has played a major role in charting out the role of village panchayats in our democratic setup. Fundamentally a channel of decentralizing the power, it emphasizes on the creation of […]

Is OALP Another Shot at Bad Policy: Foreign Oil Companies Remain Unimpressed

The much hyped Open Acreage Licensing Policy (“OALP”) recently witnessed its first round in January, 2018. Touted as a complete reform aimed at revolutionizing the upstream sector after a failed New Exploration and Licensing Policy (“NELP”) saga, the bidding saw absolutely no participation of the foreign oil companies (“FOCs”). Except for a few new domestic […]

Trade war is here to hurt the developing economies!

  The Trump administration in its protectionist measure to provide the American companies level field with Chinese counterparts which he has long said have an unfair advantage, imposed a whopping $50 billion tariff on import of Chinese products to USA. The Chinese government in economic vengeance retaliated the very next day imposing tariff of equal […]

What can Arvind Kejriwal learn from history of CNG in Delhi?

  Delhi has never failed to amaze us. It has always been in the headlines. Being the centre of power politics, stories originating from here have always been worth reading and writing for. Recently concluded Arvind Kejriwal’s dharna, at the office of LG is another good example to look after and comment upon.  But, why so? With […]

Parliament Paralysis in India: Why aren’t we talking about it?

“Baith Jaiye, Baith Jaiye” This phrase was famous during the tenure of the UPA government and belonged to the then Speaker of Lok Sabha, Mrs. Meira Kumar. The ‘sweetness’ (if only it were strictness) with which she ran the proceedings and handled the lower house of the Parliament which contained 543 members elected by the […]

Legal Analysis: Cloud Computing Technology in India

Cloud computing is a growing trend in India. Cloud computing relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle programs. In cloud computing the word ‘cloud’ is used for ‘Internet’ and therefore, the word cloud computing means an Internet-based computing, where services such as servers, application, and storage are […]

For the power sector, whether UDAY turned out to be a success or failure?

Reasonably priced, reliable and sustainable power supply is critical for economic growth. With a vision of 24*7 Power for all and to bring reform in the power sector especially state power distribution companies (DISCOMS), Central Government launched UDAY (Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojna), an optional scheme to join, in November 2015. To help loss-making discoms turn […]