The Raging Forest Fires in California: Can India learn something?

California is the most populous state of United States of America (USA) and third largest one by area. It his home to almost 40 million residents. It has been a state of setting trends for popular culture, innovation, politics and environmentalism. But, recently the state has been in the news due to its major and rising […]

14 bills got passed in Parliament this year!

This year (2018) total of 14 bills were passed in Parliament. – 11 of them were amendment bills, as they proposed an amendment to the existing set of legal rules or act. – 3 new bills were tabled in the Parliament. It included the famous: GST – The Act provides for levy and collection of […]

Analysis Podcast Episode 2: कैसा रहा भारत के लिए साल 2018?

साल 2018 जाने वाला है , और नया साल 2019 दस्तक दे रहा है | 2018 हर साल की तरह अपने साथ कई उतार चढ़ाव लेकर आया | राजनीतिक गलियारों से लेकर बदलते सिनेमा तक, इस बार भारत ने बहुत कुछ नया देखा | यहाँ तक की इसरो की नयी उपलब्धियां और सुप्रीम कोर्ट की […]

जनादेश 2018 – मध्यप्रदेश में खिला बिना भगवा वाला “कमल” 

भारत में चुनाव अपने आप में बेहद रोमांचक होते है | चुनावी गणित के साथ साथ नए नए शब्द सुनने और समझने को मिलते है | ढेर सारे अंक, फैक्ट्स और डाटा के बीच पार्टियों के पोलिटिकल mindset को समझने में अलग मज़ा आता है | यह भी शायद एक अलग तरह का नशा है […]

क्या बीजेपी तोड़ पायेगी त्रिपुरा में 25 साल पुराना कम्युनिस्ट राज?

60 सीटों वाले त्रिपुरा राज्य में 18 फ़रवरी को वोट डलने हैं और हिसाब से इन (नार्थ ईस्ट) राज्यों में हो रही कैंपेनिंग को हमारी मीडिया किस तरह कवर कर रही है, यह देखते बनता है. याद करिए जब गुजरात में चुनाव था, तब मीडिया किस तरह से कवरिंग दे रही थी पूरे चुनाव को. […]

For the power sector, whether UDAY turned out to be a success or failure?

Reasonably priced, reliable and sustainable power supply is critical for economic growth. With a vision of 24*7 Power for all and to bring reform in the power sector especially state power distribution companies (DISCOMS), Central Government launched UDAY (Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojna), an optional scheme to join, in November 2015. To help loss-making discoms turn […]

Twitter War: People are re-tweeting Rahul Gandhi more than Narendra Modi!

In the time span of 3 months (from July to September), Rahul Gandhi has gained around more than one million followers on twitter winning at least the virtual battle field with his other political counterparts. Congress Vice-president who is set to take charge of the party is surprisingly capturing the social media traction, evident from […]

Understanding the problem of malnutrition in India

India is the world’s highest demographic of children suffering from malnutrition.  According to the report of UNICEF, around one million children under the age of five die due to malnutrition every year. Today, India sees a serious situation concerning the health of people; where every second woman in India is anemic, every third child is […]

Explained: The Curious case of Encephalitis in Gorakhpur

Source: The Hindu When central government bestowed Gorakhpur with AIIMS last year as they promised one in purvanchal instead of Varanasi (PM’s Constituency) , it came as surprise to many, but for those who have known this region for long; it was need of the hour to curb the alarming situation persistent since late 80’s, […]